Welcome to the continent of Drahgon

Your group arrive at the coastal town of Dawnhall and rest for the night in the “hearthfire” inn.
you awake feeling well rested and prepared to start your new life.

the Continent of Drahgon is a war torn land stuck in a civil war, the old Monarchy of the dragons is being contested by saradominists, they race to create the “new high Lord” but for that they need the set of ahrim which was lost when the old high king Ahrim was assassinated plunging the land into chaos.

Drahgon is mainly accepting of most races, having an elvish barony and dwarves being common place.

The baronies are what separate the Continent, there were 6 baronies

The dale – the summerfield house runs this barony, has Dawnhall and taverly Hamlet, Falador Keep, skystead and ironhaven village.
Brokenspire and black hollow Stronghold, Lunaris cave
The Revenant Vow mercenary group

The Crown -

The Fowl -

The Faen -

Xand -

Drahgon Isle